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Dr. S. P. ChatterjeeDr. S. P. Chatterjee was born on 02.09.1926 and Died on 15.09.1983. He was a renowned Physician at his time. He treated the patients with research orientation. His concept was always innovative. His concept was always innovative. His methodology was "Treat the Patient, not the Disease." Basically he was a Homoeopath but his treatment protocol was followed by friends of other Medical Therapeutic Science too. His social commitment and dedication to serve the down trodden people was well admired. His great teaching for every Medical Profession was incorporated in 15 PETALS Lessions.

Faculty of Medicina Alternative (F.O.M.A.)

It is an Institute for advance study in Alternative Medical Science. It has regular class room as well provision for student from all over world to learn Alternative Medical Science through distant learning course.

After his sudden sad demise his ardent follower setup a trust organisation in the name and style as "Dr. S. P. Chatterjee Memorial Health Association" in the year 1983. Service to Humanity is the motto of the organisation. Members from various countries joined the organisation and contributed their service to ailing Humanity.

Later on "Dr. S. P. Chatterjee Memorial Health Association" changed its name as "Dr. S. P. Foundation".



Dr. T. K. Chatterjee is proudly declaring himself as “FIRST THALASSAEMIOLOGIST OF THE WORLD”. He is working in the field of Thalassaemia and Hamoglobinopathies since last two decades. He exclusively works on Hepatosplenomegaly and Haemoglobin imbalance. Later on he especially enhanced his research works on serum Fertitin defacto; the main factor for Cardiac arrest and consequently death. Dr. Cahatterjee always try to find out the new avenues for controlling and normalize the Hepatosplenomgaly. HB% and level of serum Ferritin in Blood. He always keenly observed the nexus entry points of HIV/AIDS; H.C.V, Hepatitis – B, nd other fatal infections at the time of Blood Transfusion. He successfully treatment is based on Blood transfusion-Iron chelation – Medication in conventionalas well as through non conventional Alternative therapy. Banking upon Homoeopathic Medicine he got amazing results. Dr. Chatterjee assumed that Genetic code may also be changed through medication. In stray cases he has done it after in C.V.S. sampling 50% Thalassaemia Positive.

Dr. Chatterjee invented a Homoeopathic Medicine he named as TATHAGAT.

Dr. Chatterjee invented a Homoeopathic Medicine he named as TATHAGAT; for every type of thalassaemia & haemoglobinopathies patients with tremendous encouraging positive results. Regular use of TATHAGAT size of liver and spleen reduced; HB% raised and in few cases reduced the level of serum Ferritin too. This amazing medicine TATHAGOT has no medicinal side effects. Its assimilation power in the body is very fast and permanent. The result of TATHAGAT on Thalassemia patients is simply AMAZING.

Dr. T. K. Chatterjee shared his vast and rich expenses with International level Holematologist, clinician and Researchers. He traveled thirty times around the world for the betterment of Thalassaemics. His journey started when a little cute kid of 4 years came to his clinic with pernicious Anemia (Later on detected as Thalassaemia) and died with in short time during her treatment. This incident hurt Dr. Chatterjee’s Medicalego and through his strong dedication made him an ardent fighter for Thalassemics. Dr. Chatterjee equipped himself with sound knowledge, effective Medicine and research orientation. Dr. Chatterjee when declare himself as FIRST THALASSAEMILOGIST OF THE WORLD then it stands true in every since. Dr. T. k. Chatterjee also nourished his daughter Tanushree Chatterjee as Thalassaemia programme coordinator of Dr. S.P. Foundation who study Medicine in Southern Medical University in China.


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